Electric Lerutti Salt and Pepper Grinder Set | Battery Operated Stainless Steel Grinders (Pack of 2) | Automatic Mills with LED Light and Caps at Bottom | Electronic Adjustable Shakers

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  • 🏆 PREMIUM QUALITY: Our rich quality and highest efficiency electric salt and pepper mills will make your home cooking and dining experience simpler and nicer. Top-of-the-line battery powered salt and pepper grinders made out of finest stainless steel and rust-proof & non-corrosive ceramic rotor that will not alter the flavor of the spice being ground. Clear window made out of acrylic glass, making it a better option since it has more visibility and is safer than regular glass.
  • ⚡ BATTERY-POWERED: Cordless battery operated mechanism of rechargeable Lerutti grinder sets allow to spice multiple dishes in a blink of an eye while flawlessly moving around the kitchen. High endurance construction of ceramic mechanism, provides longer life performance than regular metal blades do. Also automatic salt and pepper grinder set by Lerutti is approved by FDA and certified as 100% food safe-material made.
  • 🖐 EASY ONE HAND OPERATION: Turn the knob to desired setting of the tool to get the coarseness. Built-in the bottom of the grinder Led light illuminates the food to provide greater clearly and help you prevent over flavoring of the dish. And off course, Lerutti electric salt and pepper shakers are single handed operated with one push on a button! Just touch the button on the top with one hand, grind and enjoy flavors!
  • 🔩 ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS: Deliberate design of refillable salt shaker and peppermill allow users to choose coarseness from super fine & to harshly coarse. It can be easily adjusted by turning the adjustable knob mechanism at the bottom of the grinder. And after that just push the knob to the preferred setting and get as much of pepper or salt as you want in a split second!
  • 💰 NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We have the best customer service on Amazon so if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund. No need to hesitate, order now your lighted pepper mill with cap absolutely risk free.


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Premium quality electric salt and pepper grinder set by Lerutti is a beautiful kitchen necessity made out of stainless steel and is a stylish addition to any home in any season. One hand operated tall auto salt and pepper grinders by Lerutti are more handy than ever.

Cooking with highly adjustable electrical Lerutti salt and pepper mills will make you feel like a professional in your own kitchen by making each dish a delight. Leaking and countertop mess are out of the picture thanks to cap on the bottom of our power grinders, tray is tightly attaches to each grinder.

Automatic Lerutti crusher have ceramic rotor and also see-through acrylic glass chamber to know exactly when to refill them.

To adjust coarseness of battery operated mills you just need to turn the knob to the desired setting.

These durable electronic dispensers will let you know how amazing a fresh seasoned meal tastes like. Also this is the perfect and modern idea of a gift, this silver seasoning shaker set is an elegant addition and real necessity on any table!

Approved by FDA and Department of agriculture in USA!


– Includes kit of 2 electric grinders with caps (trays) and mini lights, can be used for grinding of salt, black peppers, peppercorn, sea salt, pink Himalayan Salt, red salt, herbs, sugar, cumin, cloves and other small spices

– Salt and pepper shakers have settings to adjust coarseness from fine to coarse

– Dispensers made out of sleek stainless steel

– Width: 2.10” (5.3 cm)

– Height: 9.10” (23.1 cm)

– Capacity: 1.5 oz of pepper corns or 4 ounces of salt crystals

– Weight: 10.5 oz

– Each piece operates on 4 AA batteries (batteries are not included in pack)

– Shipped in elegant white box with manual

– Everyone who buy Lerutti salts and peper kits will receive our unique bonus ebook on their email and other gifts



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