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The Lerutti

Kitchen tools manufacturer


Our story

Only few years ago there were two friends striving to create a perfect kitchen product. Today, Lerutti is a group of professionals who continuously improve their skills and seek new aspiration from thousands of customers around the world.


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Stylish. Modern. Deluxe.


to perfection

Lerutti team brings to life innovative ideas of how to make perfection out of dining. We turn cooking into pleasure every time you use our kitchen products. Our purpose is to transform stainless still kitchen aids into indispensible essentials that bring you joy through elegance and practicality. Assortment of Lerutti products is characterized by great selection and top quality at very competitive pricing. In Lerutti, we strive for excellence in functionality, visual design and convenience of use by manufacturing highest standard of kitchenware.


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Unique design and superior quality


our work

Strict quality control, first-rate materials and durable design are attributes of elaborate manufacturing that reinsure exclusive standard of Lerutti products. Unique modern design makes them an impeccable addition to home of any style. Lerutti ingenuity is inspired by consumer’s needs with great attention to detail. Our practice is based on objective to create novel products that are beyond customer’s expectations.

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