Rolling Knife

Rolling Knife

There is an easier way to cut your food and it’s called the rolling knife. The circular blade keeps constant contact with your food for perfect slices, and protects you from slicing yourself! It can handle all sorts of cutting tasks, but is ideal for cutting vegetables, pizzas, and salad.

You will save time using this tool, and the added convenience will give you more time to enjoy your favorite recipes. It has a comfortable, nonslip handle for increased safety.

The handle protects your wrist, allowing you to easily slice through foods without straining. This is perfect for the elderly and people with arthritis. It’s also great for chefs and home cooks preparing foods with lots of chopping, which can be hard on the wrist.

When you’re finished simply toss it in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup. Then, replace the rubber cap over the blade and store with your other kitchen tools until you’re ready to use it again. You will use this knife for everything!

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